Ingegneria navale - G&D Italia

Ingegneria navale

Ingegneria navale - G&D ItaliaIn year 1998 G&D Italia began working in the marine sector, with the possibility of establish connections abroad on its own responsibility for the export promotion of its marine activities (building ships, supply marine installations & spare parts, marine works, training and technical assistance).
For each sector of activity G&D Italia works with a member of its group and in close collaboration with the relative international societies that have a total quality management system .

Ships Construction

Ingegneria navale - G&D ItaliaOver the years G&D Italia has developed a corporation of enterprises in the field of new building of ships as well as maritime services.

Marine Services

G&D Italia Marine Engineering is always ready for cooperation such as for chartering of equipments and personnel, and for providing technical assistance, construction, design, dredging and after sales services.

Ingegneria navale - G&D Italia

Technical Assistance and After Sales Services

G&D Italia Marine Engineering has the right solution for every project taking place on or along side the water. Also in striving for effective business development, the Company considers the continuity of the relationship both customers and suppliers of basic importance: satisfied customers are fundamental to success. Company experts are always available to be on board / at site as soon as requested.

Ingegneria navale - G&D Italia


Ingegneria navale - G&D ItaliaG&D Italia Marine Engineering has a close collaboration with many institutes, societies and bureaus concerning training in the marine sector such as navigation, dredging and other works.

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Marine and harbour engineering

G&D Italia has grown over the years into a reliable and solid reality, highly specialised in design and fabrication of heavy duty equipment for lifting and transporting bulky and heavy loads.

Ingegneria navale - G&D Italia

The Company offers its customers the know-how of a Technical Department able to meet the most various requirements with innovative tailor-made solutions.
In this way, advanced systems are conceived for erecting bridges and viaducts, prefabricating prestressed reinforced concrete elements, as well as shipyard hoisting appliances, marine hoists for launching and dry docking boats, cranes for shipyards and for container handling.

In addition to this, G&D Italia offers solutions for taking care of the environment such as compost plant machines.
Our design, production and technical assistance are guaranteed by a quality control system conforming with the standards UNI EN ISO 9001:2000.

Ingegneria navale - G&D Italia

Civil engineering

The Company offers various equipment, starting from the form works to produce the prefabricated element, to the straddle carriers to transport it, up to the launching gantry for the set at work.


In the field of Marine, in order to meet the exigencies of handling of heavy and big boats, in particular motor boats and sailing boats, a remarkable position is given by the following machines: Elidra and Trollift.


Ingegneria navale - G&D Italia

The Company builds also various types of cranes, from the gantry crane to the portal crane to the derricks that are used in various places, from the shipyards to the construction sites.

Environmental field

The company is engaged also in the environmental field, in particular in the compost treatment.

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